Install a Home Theater for This Football Season

We’re certainly excited about this football season and we imagine that many of you are eagerly anticipating watching the upcoming games yourselves. There’s nothing like spending time at home with your family and close friends, watching your favorite team compete while you relax with snacks and your favorite beverage.

Of course, you can watch football on any sized screen and still get some enjoyment out of the game, but it’s much more fun to watch sports on a big-screen TV in a room that’s built for entertainment.

You won’t want to miss any of the action this football season. A new home theater system with a giant TV screen and the latest in surround sound technology will give you, your family, friends and neighbors a much more exciting experience.

The friendly and courteous technicians at Westco understand your big TV needs. We’ll come to your house and evaluate the best room to use for your home theater and will help you determine what kind of television and audio equipment will best meet your particular needs.

Whether you have cable or satellite TV or even stream some of your sporting events over the Internet, our team has plenty of experience in setting up great customized home theaters to give you the finest football watching experience imaginable.

A Bigger Screen is Crucial for Your Enjoyment of the Game

How big is your current TV? Do you find that you need to move it closer to the couch or your easy chair to get all the details? The larger your screen, the more easily people can see all the action. This is particularly important when you are entertaining a lot of guests.

High definition TV displays ensure that you’ll catch all the details. If you’ve ever been displeased because the action was blurry as the camera operator struggled to keep up with a touchdown pass or an interception, you’ll definitely appreciate the higher resolution and improved picture quality that comes with today’s latest TV models.

There’s no need for you to become a research expert on television technology. At Westco, we make it our business to understand the details on all the latest video equipment models so we can give customers our best recommendations.

What’s more, when you have a bigger screen, you can take full advantage of the TV’s built-in picture-in-picture capability, such as keeping track of two football games that are being played simultaneously. PIP capability is also great when you want to check the news while a game goes to commercial, but don’t want to risk switching from one channel to another.

Better Audio Lets You Feel Like You’re at the Game

The roar of the crowd, calls by referees and even the play-by-play and color commentary will come alive when you hear them through your brand new, state-of-the-art audio equipment.

Instead of listening to the sounds through your old TV’s built-in speakers, you can have speakers in the front and back of the room along with a center channel speaker that focuses on delivering higher quality voices. Surround sound technology makes for a more immersive football game and will impress your neighbors and friends.


Westco’s team of professionally trained audio and video solutions experts have installed numerous home theater setups for families living in the greater Minneapolis area and beyond. To get the most out of this year’s football season and have more fun enjoying the games with your friends and neighbors with a big-screen display, please feel free to contact Westco today.