Boost Traffic and Develop Customer Loyalty: Offer Free Wireless Internet Access

Your business may still be relying on a hardwired system for your organization’s computer network, but now you have determined that it’s time to implement wireless access.

If you are already preparing to roll out wireless access at your business for the benefit of your employees, you’ll want to make it available to the public as well to encourage customer loyalty.

Beyond such basics as instructing your employees to always be courteous and friendly, offering refreshments and providing the highest level of customer service, you can give people free Internet access via Wi-Fi to make their time more productive and enjoyable during their visit. But how do you implement wireless access safely and securely?

By setting up wireless access points throughout the facility, you will make it easier for your team members to collaborate. For example, they can fire up their laptop in a conference room to immediately obtain some vital information instead of scrounging around for a desktop machine. Wi-Fi networking lets them quickly set up impromptu meetings with a minimum of fuss in any room, or check their email while having a snack in the break room.

What’s more, you’ll provide a valuable service to customers, clients, vendors and other visitors when you offer them free Internet access though your new Wi-Fi network.

Think back to the last time you brought your car to the mechanic for service. Wouldn’t it have been great if you could have checked the news, sent out some emails or watched a diverting online video while you waited? Free Wi-Fi is an amenity that people are starting to expect when they patronize businesses. By offering such service yourself, you give your customers another incentive to keep coming back.

Whether you run a restaurant, coffee shop, retail establishment or any other kind of business with a lot of traffic or simply want to provide Internet access to your customers as they sit in your waiting room, it’s important for your security as well as theirs to use firewalls, encryption and other measure to safeguard the network.

With strong filters in place, you can rest assured that your employees and visitors will not be accessing inappropriate websites and illegal content via your free network.

However, you may not be familiar with all the technical requirements to ensure the safety and reliability of your wireless network. You’ll want to take advantage of Westco’s information technology experts to analyze your business and make sure that you have state-of-the art protection in place.

Our team will come to your facility and evaluate what’s needed to install sufficient wireless access points so that every place in the building gets strong coverage. Once implemented, your staff can freely use laptops, tablet computers and smartphones along with their desktops to access files and share data with one another.


If you are looking for network services in Minneapolis to bring wireless access to your employees, the business IT support team at Westco is standing by to assist you. We will come to your facility and consult with you about setting up a customized solution. Our experts have years of experience implementing robust security measures to protect our customers’ networks, giving you the peace of mind that you can offer customers free Wi-Fi and Internet access while they visit you. For details on our security and IT services, please contact Westco today.