Be at Home, No Matter Where You Go

With Westco remote access and smart home control, Minneapolis residents can turn on and off alarm systems, view security video feeds, and even adjust home temperature and lighting with the push of a button. We use industry leading service providers and the home security monitoring that Minneapolis homeowners can trust, instantly informing you about what is happening at your home from anywhere in Minnesota and beyond. Plus, who doesn’t love the ability to effortlessly adjust your thermostat, lights, and in-home entertainment? With Westco IoT security activation for Minneapolis homes, you can do it all, no matter where you are.

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Bringing Home to You

Our remote access and smart phone home control applications put total home control at your fingertips. If you need someone to help with your home security or smart home control activation in Minneapolis, our team of experts can help with everything from choosing the right products and installing them, to showing you how to fully utilize every functionality.

Smart Home Control/Remote Security Access Applications

  • Home Security Monitoring and Activation
  • Video Surveillance Monitoring
  • Audio and Video Controls
  • Temperature Control for your HVAC
  • Lighting Controls
  • Lock and Unlock your Entry Door or Open Your Garage Door

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