Affordable High Definition Video Cameras Help You Keep Safe Watch Over Your Company

It seems like you can barely turn on the TV or read the news without seeing yet another report of a business being vandalized or burglarized by criminals. The demographics in your company’s service area may be changing, for example, or crime rates could be rising because of poor economic conditions.

Regardless of the cause, it’s your duty as a manager or owner to keep your premises, employees and customers as safe as possible. This is why so many companies in the greater Twin Cities area and beyond are in search of video security systems for business that will meet their safety requirements.

Digital Video Cameras Give You Enhanced Protection

The better the resolution of a video image, the easier it is to detect faces of people and other important details. This is all the more important when you consider the potential for burglary and vandalism at your company, especially after hours.

Despite the fact that so many people are accustomed to using digital recording devices at home to accumulate episodes of their favorite TV shows, not everyone is using the latest technology at work. In fact, some companies continue to rely on antiquated video surveillance systems dating back to the days of VHS cassettes. These low-resolution cameras (sometimes with only black and white capability) can make it difficult to identify criminals when compared to the latest technology.

Fortunately, high definition video cameras are more affordable than ever and will serve as an important feature of your new security system that the team at Westco will develop for you.


You never know when vandals might strike your facility. For example, some teenagers could randomly stumble upon your property after ditching school and decide to use the walls of your buildings as a canvas for their latest graffiti and gang slogans. In fact, your business may now be part of the outskirts of a gang’s territory.

Vandals may be less interested in communicating their message to rival gangs through the medium of spray paint and instead are just interested in causing trouble, such as kicking in windows, shoving trash through the mail slot, scratching up cars in the parking lot or knocking over trash cans to spread debris across your property.


Of course, you have business insurance in place to deal with criminals, but you also will lose a lot of time and effort following a burglary that you can avoid when you install new security cameras.

We will network the cameras we install for you so that each camera feed will appear on a single monitor for the ease of your security detail or monitoring service to keep an eye on.

Employee and Visitor Safety

Do you frequently have employees working late at night or over the weekends when less people are around? Is your business located in an industrial area with significantly fewer police patrols? High-definition cameras placed strategically throughout the premises and parking structure will help you safeguard employees and visitors no matter what time of the day or night it is.

Our team will be happy to come out to your facility and determine the best locations to place cameras to keep an eye out for would-be vandals, burglars and criminals bent on attacking your visitors or employees. Your security guard or video monitoring service personnel will spot such trouble and can alert the authorities before it gets out of hand.

If you have recently been burglarized, vandalized or otherwise suffered at the hands of criminals in your Minneapolis business or simply want to take steps to prevent such an incident from ever happening, you should know that the experts at Westco have got your back.


We are proud to be a family-owned business that’s been serving Twin Cities companies with state-of-the-art security cameras to provide comprehensive video surveillance. For a free consultation on your business security system and video camera needs, please contact the professionals at Westco today.