Valuable Security System Features You Need (But Don’t Know It)

As a homeowner, your house is your castle. You want to do everything you can to protect it, and that should include a quality security system. Most people know about the typical security system features such as video surveillance, but with today’s modern technology, there are many more options that you might not know about.

If you want your home to be as safe and secure as possible, it’s important that you know about all of the security system features available, even some of the hidden security system features.

Burglar Alarms Are NOT Home Security Systems

When many people think of a home security system, they think of a typical burglar alarm. Burglar alarms are the traditional type of alarm system that use sensors that are placed on doors and windows throughout the house. When the sensors detect a presence, they immediately alert either you or law enforcement. While this may have been the most complete security option available years ago, advances in modern technology have lead to rapid growth in terms of safety.

Modern security systems have these capabilities and more. A full home security system can not only warn you about potential intruders, but it can also warn you about environmental dangers, such as fire, flooding, or carbon monoxide. Also, most home security systems are now hybrids, which means that even though some parts are hardwired into the house, they still use wireless communication to work with other parts of the house and ensure that every inch is left unexposed.

Keep Your Valuables Safe With Asset Protection

There are some parts of your house that contain more valuable assets than others. Whether it’s a safe, a glass display case for jewels, artwork, or anything else that has value, you want to make sure that your most important items remain untampered with. With asset protection devices, you can be alerted if one of your items are tampered with. If a jewelry box has been opened or a painting has been moved, you will be notified, even if there is no physical damage. Not only will this keep your items safe from theft, but it will give you the peace of mind that nobody has been meddling with your items. With valuable items and assets, the more peace of mind you can get, the better.

Extra Camera Features

With smartphones, you can take advantage of camera systems like never before. Many home security system cameras have the capability of providing free live feeds to your smartphone, tablet, or computer, and some systems allow for DVR capability so that you can record and re-watch your footage. If you are away from home and your alarm gets tripped, you can use the app to see what is going on in your house. If there is an intruder, you can even use 2-way audio to alert them using your voice. Using cameras like this makes you feel like you’re never truly away from home.

Video Doorbell

Doorbell cameras take all the potential fear out of answering the door. You can replace your home doorbell with a built-in camera and wireless microphone. No matter where you are in the house (or away from home), you can see who is ringing your doorbell using the camera. You can even grant visitors access to your home by using the doorbell to automatically unlock your door.

Smart Locks

Forget making copies of keys — smart locks are the best way to control who has access to your home. Keys can be limiting, but using smart locks, you can upgrade the locks in your home to open via a keypad, biometrics, or your smartphone. This works especially well when you are running errands and need to let someone in your house. You can remotely unlock and lock the door from anywhere, meaning you have ultimate control over who comes in and out of your house.

Lighting Control

Believe it or not, using lighting correctly can actually be a valuable security system feature. You can configure your lights to be triggered by certain security breaches and events. For example, if there is a fire or smoke emergency, you could have lights turn on and form a direct path to the nearest exit. Or, you could have outdoor flood lights turn on if motion sensors detect something suspicious. Another option is to set lights to a timer so when you are away it still looks as if someone is home.

Total Home Automation

Nowadays, smart home automation is becoming more and more common. Smart home automation allows you to connect the audio, video, lights, HVAC, security, and everything else (even appliances!) into one easy-to-use streamlined system that is controlled by one software. Everything can be done from your smartphone or tablet, which makes things simpler than ever before.

These systems can recognize one system tripping and use the all-in-one streamlined technology to communicate and collaborate with the other systems. If there was a fire alarm going off, for example, the system could create a lighting path towards the exit, unlock the front door, shut down the HVAC system, and alert the authorities all at once. If you want a total all-in-one system, total home automation is your best bet.

Personal Security

Your home may be safe, but are you safe? Some home security systems offer technology that allows you to maintain your own safety, even if you aren’t home. For example, you could get a pendant or a bracelet that allows you to be connected with emergency personnel at the touch of a button. This technology is available to you 24 hours a day and is especially helpful to the elderly or those who live alone with no neighbors nearby. It’s just as important to keep yourself safe as it is to keep your home safe.

Make Your Home Safer

Total peace of mind is a rare thing in today’s world. But as a homeowner, you deserve to be worry-free. At Westco, we have the best security system features that will make you sleep better at night, whether you’re home or not. Contact us to learn more today!