Smart Savings: Commercial Security Solutions Cost Less Than a Robbery

In an age when most eyes are on cyber security, it’s easy to forget the importance of physical security at your business. When a break in occurs, it does more than hit your pocketbook — it hits the mindset of your employees and customers.

Safety is an instinctive need for everyone, and taking steps to ensure the wellbeing of people at your facility is essential. Learn how commercial security solutions will help your business in more ways than one.

Protect Hardware

Phishing isn’t the only way someone can gain access to your company’s technology. When someone robs a business, the first things they look for are the most expensive items. Guess what type of equipment doesn’t come cheap? That’s right, your electronics are likely to be a top priority for a thief. Every gadget that stores valuable data is vulnerable to theft.

While many of today’s computers, tablets and smartphones have security of their own, there are no guarantees you’ll ever get that hardware back if it’s stolen. If you’re smart, you’ll have your data backed up somewhere, but the physical hardware could be gone for good. Protect your digital assets before you become a victim.

Build Trust

There is something powerful and reassuring about seeing security equipment in an established business. It puts your employees and patrons at ease as they go about their days since they know there is some form of protection against crime. Whether you utilize HD video surveillance, alarms, controlled entry or ID cards, every bit of security adds to peace of mind.

While business security will make innocent people feel comfortable, it will have the opposite effect on potential criminals. When someone wants to attempt a business robbery, they typically scout out facilities before attempting a break in. There is no sense in robbing somewhere that will make the job difficult, so a security system doesn’t have to sound an alarm to provide protection.

Save Money

It almost goes without saying, but it’s still worth discussing: a security system will save you money. Think of it this way — if you are a small business owner who is trying to make ends meet, would you have the time to deal with the aftermath of a break in? Even established businesses sometimes have a tough time getting things up and running again, and it almost never comes cheap. The cost of a break in is high, and the toll it takes on employee mindsets may be even higher.

Installing a business security system may also lower your insurance rates, as many insurance companies offer incentives for this kind of protection.

Over time, you can save in ways that aren’t immediately noticeable. If an employee has had a bad habit of stealing office supplies, installing a security system is likely to curb that behavior. Sure, a few pens won’t make a huge difference in the bottom line, but a few wads of cash from the till absolutely will.

Enhancing Security

If you’re wondering where to get started with your business security plan, check out our HD video surveillance systems. If you ever experience a break in, you either be happy you had a camera to capture the crime or you will wish you had bought one beforehand. Get the protection it takes to secure your assets today!