Your Minneapolis business has specific security needs, and Westco Systems has solutions to meet them all. From installing and monitoring traditional security systems to integrated access control and video surveillance. You can confidently build your business knowing you have a reliable team of security experts on call – always.

The Smart Choice for Business Security Systems in MN

Westco installs smarter business security. During our initial consultation, we listen to your specific needs and security requirements and help guide you along the process to ensure your business is set up properly. We will make sure we’re recommending the right solutions, specifically tailored to your business.

With over 20 years of business security system design and installation experience in MN, you can be confident that we understand your safety and security concerns, and we will provide the level of service that you deserve and expect.

Video Surveillance:

Video surveillance is an important part of many security designs. Surveillance footage will allow you to review the feed if there is a break-in incident, on the job accident or to aid in loss prevention. We can recommend a wide range of camera types based on use and function including multi-sensors, license plate readers or even intelligent video analytical cameras. Learn more here.

Intrusion detection:

Intrusion detection can be considered our traditional security offering. This includes a system properly designed to monitor doors, glass/windows and interior motion detection. Learn more here.

Access Control:

Access control is a great way to monitor the premises and control who has access to particular areas within the facility. Westco installs a variety of access control technologies: smart RF readers, Bluetooth readers or Biometric. Our state-of-the-art control platforms allow for ease of use – you can manage it all from a smartphone or web browser. Learn more here.

Fire Alarm monitoring:

Westco offers complete fire alarm installation, monitoring and inspections.

Our integrated security solutions are completely customized for your business. Our systems will all you to manage your access control, video surveillance and intrusion platforms all from one dashboard.

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