Troubled by Increased Shoplifting and Employee Theft? Reduce Shrinkage with Hidden Security Cameras

Despite your organization’s best efforts to screen employees and attract high quality customers, you may have recently become troubled by rising levels of shoplifting in your store or theft from your warehouse. Fortunately, there are technological solutions to help you address the issue of shrinkage at your premises, in the form of hidden security cameras.

Shoplifters steal more than $13 billion in items from retail establishments every year, according to the latest statistics available from the National Learning & Resource Center, which is equal to at least $35 million every day. The center notes that one in 11 people (27 million) are shoplifters, with about 10 million having been apprehended for stealing during the last five years.

These sobering statistics highlight just how crucial it is for you to take appropriate steps to secure the goods you store and sell from your premises.

Retail Environment

Unfortunately, businesses have to consider shoplifting as part of the cost of doing business, and wind up passing the costs along to their loyal and honest customers.

It’s possible that some of your regular customers are also thieves. The National Learning & Resource Center reports that many people will come in to shop and then either steal items that they planned to take (pre-meditated crime), or they succumb to temptation when they see an opportunity to shoplift.

Whether you run a department store, boutique, convenience shop or a discount business, you can expect that shoplifters will eventually take advantage and steal items. By installing hidden security cameras, your security team can keep an eye on all corners of the store simultaneously on computer monitors in the back of the shop. If they see suspicious behavior, they can quickly intervene before the criminal gets away.


If you run a warehouse, chances are that you’ve had some experience with employees who wound up stealing from you. They may labor under lax supervision, making it easy to slip an item into a pocket when no one is looking, for example.

While it can be difficult to face the fact that some of your workers may be dishonest, you can at least address the problem by installing some covert security cameras. Our team will come to your warehouse and evaluate the sight lines to determine the best locations to hide cameras.

We have a number of options to show you in terms of equipment. You can rest assured that we can place hidden cameras that are so small and innocuous that your workers won’t suspect they are being watched.

However, you may decide it’s a good idea to let your workers know that they should assume the are under surveillance at all times.

Don’t Rely on Security Cameras Alone

While we at Westco have the experience to recognize just how important it is to install covert surveillance equipment in your facility, we want to remind you that cameras and surveillance recordings are only one part of the security picture.

Depending on your location and the relative level of crime, you might want to consider beefing up your security guard presence, such as adding additional guards during normal operating hours or to give you extra protection when you’re closed.

It’s also a good idea to put expensive and high profile items under lock and key, so that an employee has to open up the case and supervise customers as they inspect the merchandise.


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