Listen to Music Throughout Your Home with a New Whole House Audio System

Do you find yourself not listening to music at your home in Minneapolis even when you are in the mood to hear some songs, simply because your home audio system is too limited? How would you like the flexibility to listen to the same music, news or talk radio in any room in your home at the same level of quality?

A whole house audio system may be just what you and your family are looking for. Whole house audio systems make use of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, which many homeowners prefer over having large, boxy speakers set up in their living room, home entertainment center or other locations.

Your audio likely comes from a variety of sources, including CDs (and possibly records and cassettes), MP3s, streaming music from the Internet and terrestrial and satellite radio. The technicians at Westco have plenty of experience setting up whole house audio systems that tie together all such sources of audio, so you don’t have to wonder whether a song is located on your laptop or your iPod, for example. All your audio equipment will be accessible from any location in the home.

More importantly, though, is the ability you will now have to start listening to something in one room and seamlessly pick up listening to it in another room.

For example, imagine waking up on a busy weekday. You want to start listening to the news and updates on the weather and traffic conditions while still in bed, and then continue to hear the same radio program in the kitchen as you pack up lunches for the kids and start on breakfast for everyone. You can also listen to the same audio in the bathroom as you brush your teeth and comb your hair.

Before installing your new whole house audio system, Westco technicians will consult with you about the details of speaker placement. The home entertainment room may be the location where you want to install surround sound speakers, while hallways and seldom-used homes may not have as many speakers and can be considered background listening zones.

Our technicians stay on top of the latest in audio equipment trends and developments, so we can advise you on what brand and model would be most suitable for you and your family.

Beyond the Home

Your whole house audio system can also bring you entertainment beyond the main property. Our technicians will be happy to set up outdoor speakers, for example, so you can enjoy music while relaxing in the backyard or sitting on your porch.

Have you been relying on a small transistor radio or streaming music from your smartphone’ single speaker while doing work in the garage? Westco’s technicians can install brand new speakers in the garage so you can be entertained while doing laundry or working on a project.


Westco is a family owned business that is proud to have been serving residents and business owners in the greater Twin Cities area and beyond for nearly two decades now. If you’ve been putting up with a sub-standard audio setup in your home and are now ready to upgrade to a whole house audio system, please call us to set up an appointment today.