Keep Your Customers Happy While They Wait with an HD Video System for the Waiting Room

If your business typically has customers waiting for services for an extended period, how inviting is your waiting room? To keep them occupied, have you only provided stacks of old magazines?

When people are bored and have nothing to distract themselves, their mood can sour. No one wants to walk into a room full of grumpy people who hate having to wait around. Wouldn’t you rather have them feel happy and content? Giving them access to entertainment or useful information will make their waiting experience much more pleasant.

Entertain Customers While They Wait

For maximum entertainment value, the experts at Westco would recommend that you install an HD video system in the waiting room. You can use TVs to display local shows or cable programs as well as videos from a DVD or Blu-ray player.

Let’s say that you run a bustling vehicle repair service and repair facility. You have customers coming in 12 hours a day, with some needing work that may take only an hour or two (such as an oil change job). Rather than leaving for such a relatively short time, it would be more convenient for them to wait until the work is done.

When you offer them the opportunity to catch up on the latest news or present a fun movie, they will find it much more enjoyable to stay on the premises.

Or, imagine that you run a thriving barbershop. You could set up TVs for customers to watch sporting events in the waiting room, and then let them continue enjoying the action when they slide into the barber chair.

In fact, you could promote this benefit in your marketing to drum up more business. If pedestrians can easily see into your business from the street, the flashing TV screens displaying news or games could even bring you additional foot traffic.

Customers may enjoy watching sports while you cut their hair so much that they will be encouraged to come back more frequently. The key to encouraging repeat business is to make your environment as welcoming as possible, and televised entertainment is a major crowd pleaser that you don’t want to do without.

Keep Customers Informed Customers with Useful Information

You can also take advantage of the HD TVs in your waiting room to provide useful information to your customers, such as details about new services you offer, or options on equipment that you install. You could even provide behind-the-scenes videos that explain your processes while customers fill out paperwork as they await service.

Documentaries about your industry, video testimonials and product demonstrations are other examples of interesting material that you can present to people in the waiting room to make their time more productive.


Westco is a family-owned business that has been providing commercial audio and video systems service to local businesses in the greater Twin Cities area and surrounding regions for nearly 20 years now. Our staff of expertly trained technicians is familiar with the latest HD television technology. We will help you set up TVs to entertain and inform the customers who are waiting for your services. For details on how we can improve your waiting room with HD TV or to schedule an appointment to get started, please contact Westco today.