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Westco uses industry leading home safety monitoring systems Minneapolis residents can trust from brand names like Monitronics and Honeywell Security Systems. With nearly 20 years of security system design and installation experience, you can be confident that we understand your safety and security concerns, and we will provide the level of service that you deserve and expect.

Our security technicians are licensed professionals, who maintain their expert status by participating in continual training concerning home safety and alarm monitoring technologies. Westco’s technicians are experts in security system design and installation and are dedicated to making your home safe for your loved ones. If there’s a way we can help make your home safer, we’ll find it.

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Home Security and Safety Monitoring Systems with Remote Access/Mobile Access

We use the latest technology from some of the industry’s leading security experts like HoneyWell Security Systems and You’ll have more than a smartphone – you’ll have a smart house, too.

Door/Entry Access Monitoring

Door contacts and window contacts alert the home security system to unauthorized or a forced entry into your home.

Motion Detectors

Motion detectors can add another layer of protection and monitoring for your home. They are configurable to allow the movement of small pets but will trigger an alarm for larger objects in motion.

Glass Breakage

Glass breakage monitors provide additional protection in the event that someone tries to enter your home through a broken window or glass door.

Video Surveillance and Monitoring

The only thing better than stopping a break-in with an alarm system is catching the burglar on video. We have a variety of HD and Analog home video surveillance systems Minneapolis homeowners can rely on.

Fire and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Our integrated alarm system monitoring in Minneapolis includes industry-leading fire and carbon monoxide monitors will alert the occupants and the system in the event of a fire or elevated levels of carbon monoxide.

Water and Flood Monitoring

This service is perfect for homes that are in high risk flooding and waste water areas. Early detection of water/flooding can save you thousands of dollars in damage repair costs.

Temperature Control and Monitoring

Westco’s integrated temperature control and monitoring systems can save you money in heating and cooling your house and keep you in the ideal temperature zone when at home.

Remote Access of Thermostats, Locks, Video Surveillance and More

Access and control your entire home entertainment, security, lighting, heating and air conditioning remotely with Westco’s remote access services. With your Internet-connected device, you can monitor your home video security, change the settings on your furnace, or even turn on/off your lights with a touch of a button.

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