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Westco provides the most comprehensive commercial audio video solutions Minneapolis has to offer. Our industry experts design and install HD video, conference room systems, PA and communication systems, and distributed commercial audio video solutions to meet the technological demands of your business.

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Commercial Audio Video and Entertainment Systems


HD Video and TV Distribution

HD video distribution systems are great for conference rooms and waiting areas within your restaurant, retail, or office space. Let your guests, customers, and clients wait in comfort while viewing the commercial entertainment systems Minneapolis businesses love.

Conference Room Projections, HD TVs and Video Conferencing Systems

The conference rooms of today’s business world are becoming more connected and more high tech than ever before. Westco provides innovative commercial audio and video solutions for conference rooms, keeping you in control of your presentations, conference calls, and big sales pitches.

PA and Digital Communication Systems

Our digital communication systems give you zone based control over your public address systems; allowing you to notify shipping of an incoming delivery or page a roaming co-worker of an important call.

Audio Distribution and Streaming

Our digital audio distribution and streaming solutions are great for your retail space. With a variety of commercial audio and video systems for Minneapolis businesses to choose from, our digital audio distribution and streaming solutions are guaranteed to match the music to your environment.

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